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Bonita Kye . KYE Intimates

Who is Bonita?

[I am the] founder at KYE Intimates.

What was the inspiration behind designing intimates?

My hope for KYE is that the intimate moments of getting dressed can be a gentle reminder of the beauty the womxn shares with their world and to continue to foster a loving relationship with themselves.

In your process of design, who are your muses?

We are always evolving with the womxn—refining and editing the collection as we continue to learn. Our pieces are also greatly influenced by the design philosophies of architects/designers such as Eileen Gray, Richard Neutra, Mies Van Der Rohe, Donald

Judd to name a few.

Kye embodies the luxuries of comfort, quality and sensuality at once. How do you view this balance?

I think when both comfort and quality are present, sensuality follows naturally.

Your designs are considered both at a structural

and production level. What are the considerations you hold when bringing new pieces into the collection?

Each piece is meant to stand on its own with a specific purpose. Devoid of the fashion industry's timeline, we only introduce a style if the functionality of the piece isn't already present in the current collection.

What are the key considerations when bringing new items into your space?

What purpose does it serve? Will I cherish it for years to come? If not previously owned, I always support my talented friends'/small businesses first.

What are your daily rituels?

Wake up early to enjoy a slow morning. Go on a long walk with my pup. If it's warm, a quick dip in the sea. In between work, move my body in some sort of way—yoga, pilates, a run. Cook dinner with my partner (it's our favorite time to catch up). Watch the sunset. Take a bath. I would like to say I always end the day with a book/guided meditation but often a glass of wine/movie :)

Bonita Kye, Founder of KYE Intimates.


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