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Agence Rituel pairs together well intentioned, modern brands who share the same core values to help each other flourish in today’s competitive market. We work with forward thinking brands, who produce artisan, long enduring or minimal-footprint objects with integrity, to enhance daily living.

i.  Connection

Agence Rituel grows brands through leveraging the art of wholesale partnerships, marking young brands on the map and maintaining momentum for established brands. Brand alignment is symbiotic when the right people come together. It accelerates success for retailers and brands, generates online sales, content, a wider digital footprint, brand authority and a sought after, long-abiding position in the market.

ii. Seasoned creativity 

“We love our bread, we love our butter” and these are the axes where creative direction and sales meet. With a long history of landing milestones for leading edge labels, growing many from inception to their 15-20 key stockists — our black book of large retailers and brands has proved key to our clients' success over the years.

iii. Integrity

Agence Rituel spots gaps in the market for businesses young and old that they can grow into long term. Approaching businesses case-by-case, we deeply understand the needs of both retailer and brand and suggest strategies that set you apart and drive the sales you need to keep creating. Believers in the power of face-to-face old world sales, we hit the road for brands we believe in, to make it all happen.

iv. Reponsibility

Sustainability should be a given by this point and we operate on this assumption; from the brands we work with, the philosophy we stand by and the way we live it out in our own business.  To us, a brand can only be considered ‘modern’ if they’re also thoughtful of the environment.

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