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Alexa & Summer . LAZE.RES

What was the inspiration behind creating LAZE.RES?

LAZE.RES was years in the making, so it really is special to us. Our main sources of inspiration are derived from feelings of LAZE and we hope to reflect that through our products whether it be poolside, beach, resort, home or anywhere in between. Calm.

Tell us about Alexa and Summer.

We’re sisters in our 20’s and live in Noosa, Sunshine Coast.

A brand together is something we have always envisioned. We feel we express ourselves most through creativity and view being creative as a type of self-care and something that is simply part of our everyday.

Since a young age our parents encouraged us to do what we loved and that really allowed us to find our passions naturally and is a considerable part in how our brand evolved organically.

Your designs nod to art and architecture. How do you consider these two inspirations in the process of design?

Art and architecture are very important elements that make up our designs. A trip to Greece was a really monumental part of our creative path and direction.

Travel really inspires LAZE.RES, our art is focused on simple architectural structures, objects and places we’ve been along with inspiration drawn from our coastal lifestyle and own sense of style.

How do you navigate the process of transferring concept to reality in collaboration with your team of artisans?

We get all our ideas and thoughts together and come up with our designs digitally. We then relay them to our team of artisans in Turkey. They always do an amazing job and are so talented. Our favourite part of the process is seeing our designs go from digital to an actual product. It feels so fulfilling to look back and see how the product evolved and came to life.

Your designs are uncompromising on quality and production. What does conscious creation mean for you?

Our products are created ethically and are made using the most luxurious 500gsm Turkish Cotton. To us, conscious creation is all about being aware. Awareness is key in making conscious and ethical decisions. We believe in a sustainable brand.

LAZE.RES as a label represents a way of being and living. What are the rituals that currently make up your way of life?

As mentioned, being creative is our form self-care and a main ritual for us. We also really enjoy watching the sunset to refresh and restore. Health, lots of laughs, staying grounded and a margarita on the side are also essential.

Alexa and Summer Bergholz, Co-founders of LAZE.RES.


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